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Equisafety Breathable Mesh Quarter Sheet Pink & Yellow

Equisafety Breathable Mesh Quarter Sheet Pink & Yellow

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This Equisafety Charlotte Dujardin High Visibility Mesh Exercise Sheet is the perfect way to stay safe while riding your horse during those warm summer months. Constructed with a lightweight, highly breathable mesh material, it features bright fluorescent colours to reflect the sunlight, keeping your horse cool and comfortable. The extra large tail flap helps to deter flies and reduce irritation, while the two d-ring attachments and one leg strap provide more security. This exercise sheet is also ideal for unclipped horses in winter. Key Features: Lightweight, breathable mesh fabric Extra long tail flap Deters flies Comes with filet string One leg strap included Two d-ring attachments Fluorescent colouring helps reflect sunlight Ideal for unclipped horses in winter

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