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Equisafety Breathable Mesh Quarter Sheet Yellow & Orange

Equisafety Breathable Mesh Quarter Sheet Yellow & Orange

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The Equisafety Multi Coloured Mesh Rug is a lightweight, highly breathable, technical Mesh rug with an extra large tail flap. It helps to keep your horse cool in the summer and repel flies from biting. It is secured at the rear with one Filet String and one Leg Strap style Strap, which fits under the tummy and uses the two forward D Rings. Two Velcro Straps at the front of the Quarter Sheet keep the rug securely in place. This practical and versatile piece of equestrian hi-vis clothing can be used in both summer and winter, as it reflects sunlight to keep your horse cooler in hot weather and can also be used on an unclipped horse in the colder months. Made of 130g Mesh Fabric, this rug is machine washable on a 30 degree cycle and should be closed before washing to protect against sharp objects. To fit, simply put the rug on your horse and attach it to the straps on your saddle or leg straps.

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