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Equisafety Multicoloured Waistcoat Pink & Yellow Kids

Equisafety Multicoloured Waistcoat Pink & Yellow Kids

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This Equisafety Mesh Quarter Rug is a technical lightweight, highly breathable mesh rug, designed to keep your horse cool in the summer and protected from flies, with an extra large tail. Featuring two fillet strings which can be used traditionally or crossed under the belly, this rug is a great all-season choice. The colour is reflected light, which absorbs more light and heat than brighter materials, making it more effective in the sun. Attaching the rug to your horse is easy, and can be done with girth straps or leg straps, depending on the saddle you have. Fully washable at 30 degrees and available in X-full size and orange, this summer and winter rug is a must-have for any horse-lover.

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