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Shires Flyguard Pro Fine Mesh Earless Fly Mask

Shires Flyguard Pro Fine Mesh Earless Fly Mask

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The Shires FlyGuard Pro Fine Mesh Earless Fly Mask is perfect for keeping those pesky flies and midges away from your horse or pony’s ears and poll. Featuring a 3D contour frame over the eyes, it provides maximum protection against biting insects while remaining clear of the face to avoid irritation. With quick and easy to fit secure straps, this fly mask is designed to stay secure even when your equine friend is bucking and running. It also offers a sun shade visor system, contoured comfort fit, and anti-rub binding technology for a comfortable fit. This fly mask has a 70%+ UV blocking rating, reducing the risk of sunburn, and a 60%+ minimum rating for eye mesh, tested in accordance to BS EN 13758-I-2002+AI:2006.

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