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Shires Flyguard Pro Stretch Fly Mask Jet

Shires Flyguard Pro Stretch Fly Mask Jet

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This fly mask offers a maximum level of comfort and protection against flies and other biting insects. The dome-shaped eye visors provide up to 180 degrees of vision and block a minimum of 60% of UV radiation. The soft, fine mesh covers keep the ears free of irritation and flies, and stretch to accommodate movement. The lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric provides a smooth, gap-free level of protection, with a rear zip fastening and wicking, breathable fabric. Fleece trims and stretch bindings offer an exceptionally comfortable fit. The UV protection rating of the eye mesh is a minimum of 60%, however this rating may reduce over time. The effectiveness of the mask has been tested in accordance with the BS EN 13758-I-2002+AI:2006 standard for ecommerce websites.

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