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Global Herbs

Global Herbs Feed Balancer 2kg

Global Herbs Feed Balancer 2kg

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How about a quick new shiny glossy coat and even sometimes dappling? Our new product does it all. Strong immune systems, clear skin, and calm energy are now within easy reach.

Even the price is just right this month. Testimonials are impressive.

- Provides the very best minerals and vitamins

- Powerful digestive support

- Can makes your horse glow like never before

- A simple approach to balanced nutrition

- Comfort and security

- All you need in one tub

Getting the right balance for your horse's feed is not easy. This Feed Balancer makes your work that much easier. Above all, it provides highly absorbable minerals, along with vitamins that are used very efficiently because of the added sophisticated herbal digestives. Once the digestion is perfected your horse can get all the goodness it needs from your rations and the added nutrients which we provide.

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