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Global Herbs

Global Herbs Move Free Plus

Global Herbs Move Free Plus

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The Movefree Plus formula is the only HA-type supplement designed to nourish the joint from the inside. It contains ingredients which stimulate the joint membrane to produce natural and high normal levels of HA (the main component of joint fluid) that cannot be achieved with any other nutritional approach. Movefree products come in three variations, with Movefree Plus powder being the strongest and most effective, Movefree Liquid being the most palatable and Movefree Maintenance being the most economical for those who only require slight help and want to maintain excellent flexibility. Benefits Helps with difficult joints, such as hocks, navicular bones, fetlocks, coffins, knees, and shoulders Suitable for serious competition or everyday hacking Ingredients Garlic, ginger, frankincense, turmeric, winter cherry, and methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) How To Use For a 450kg horse, feed at least 2 x 25ml scoops for at least 20 days, and then reduce the amount according to the response.

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