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Global Herbs

Global Herbs Rigcalm

Global Herbs Rigcalm

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RigCalm is a calming and hormonal supplement designed specifically to support the management of excitable male horses, such as colts, geldings and stallions. This potent blend of Agnus Castus, calming herbs and minerals works quickly to reduce excitability, promote relaxed and good behaviour, assist performance and handling and help reduce aggressive behaviour. RigCalm contains chelated (easily absorbed) magnesium and potassium and is suitable for long or short term use. It is not recommended for stallions intended for breeding in the same year.


• Reduces excitability in geldings and stallions
• Powerful combination of calming herbs and minerals
• Promotes relaxed and good behaviour
• Assists performance and handling
• Helps to reduce aggressive behaviour

level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. RigCalm can be fed throughout the year.

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