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Global Herbs

Global Herbs Skratch

Global Herbs Skratch

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    • Skin-soothing herbal blend
    • Stops itching and aids hair regrowth
    • Balances digestion and soothes gut
    • Helps your horse look beautiful and relaxed again
    • Highest impact in the Skratch range

Skratch is a powerful herbal formula, designed to soothe and comfort itching and support the digestive system. The digestive support that Skratch offers is essential to help soothe and maintain healthy skin. Recent information has shown how important the digestive system is to the impact on your horses' skin. This is why our Skratch formula contains herbs that will aid normal digestion. Other formulae useful for itching can be used together with SkratchPlusBlack SaltCold pressed FlaxOil. 

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