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Global Herbs Supercalm Instant Syringe 30ml

Global Herbs Supercalm Instant Syringe 30ml

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Introducing THE INSTANT CALMER - a calming herbal mix with key ingredients such as Winter Cherry, Holy Basil, Amla, and Mango. This mix is designed to reduce nervousness and excitability, improve focus, and provide an instant calming effect. Perfect for use before competition or stressful events, the results can be seen within an hour. Molasses free and now available in a handy syringe, THE INSTANT CALMER is the perfect solution for those times when you need an instant calming effect. For a 500kg horse, half of one syringe (15ml) equals one measure. Administer one measure 60 minutes prior to competition or stressful event for maximum efficacy. Can be used in addition to SuperCalm powder supplement.

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