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Happy Tummy

Fine Fettle Happy Tummy Feed Supplement

Fine Fettle Happy Tummy Feed Supplement

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Made up of specially selected hardwood charcoal rich in C60 from a renewable source. It is made from naturally active charcoal produced in a traditional way and potentised by a special process which makes it especially suited for all mammals. It contains no fillers, binders or additives and is BHA and FEI compliant. It works mainly by rebalancing the acid/alkaline of the digestive system to facilitate an environment where minerals, vitamins and nutrients are utilised at their optimum. Trickle feeding on a daily basis helps maintain condition, good temperament and excellent performance all round. For equines with gastric problems, this is the safest and most effective feed additive with which to address these issues. Results are very quick, there are no detrimental side effects, it's easy to use and very economical.

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