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TRM Hemorex

TRM Hemorex

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Hemorex is a specially formulated dietary supplement designed specifically for use in race horses. It is estimated that 75% of race horses suffer from lung bleeding at some stage during their career. Hemorex helps to improve the strength and elasticity of the lung arteries, promote clotting ability of the blood to mend minor vessel ruptures and reduce chronic airway inflammation. It is composed of three key components: Bioflavinoids, Vitamin K and Vitamin C and can be administered up to and including race or competition days. Bioflavinoids aid the horse's lungs by lowering blood viscosity, reducing damage to blood vessels at inflamed sites and strengthening and restoring elasticity to the capillaries. Vitamin K is essential for the formation of prothrombin, and the three other clotting proteins, while Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which protects the capillary membranes from oxidation induced damage. Therefore, it is recommended that Hemorex be fed daily, preferably from the time horses commence training.

Instructions for proper use: All Horses – Feed 50g per day for 10 days, thereafter feed 25g per day.

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