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Hilton Herbs

Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite 2kg

Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite 2kg

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Insu-Lite is a dry supplement formulated to help support and maintain horses and ponies that may struggle to maintain a normal, healthy bodyweight. It is ideal for those who appear to live off "fresh air" and have difficulty maintaining natural blood glucose levels, normal circulating hormone levels such as insulin, and normal uptake of glucose by cells. The supplement contains carefully chosen herbs such as psyllium, garlic and ginger, which are designed to help animals who are classified as “good doers”, particularly those ponies that have been bred to thrive on sparse grazing. In today's world, when grazing is often too rich and there are a variety of feeds available, horses and ponies can carry too much weight which can cause problems. Insu-Lite should be used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise program as advised by a vet. 

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