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JFC Horse Haybell 12-15 days delivery

JFC Horse Haybell 12-15 days delivery

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This hay bell is constructed of ultra-durable, impact-resistant polyethylene that is both food-safe and UV-stable, even in sub-freezing temperatures. It has been newly designed and improved by JFC in 2014 with a "facelift" and four reinforced food openings for easy access to hay for both large and small horses. The hay bell is also easy to maneuver, as it can be rolled into a ball by one person and then over hay balls up to 160 cm. Additionally, it comes with an integrated, stable transport eyelet for easy and safe transportation from the yard to the pasture. The smooth surfaces of this hay bell make it easy to keep clean and it can protect hay balls up to 160 cm DRM. Dimensions: 1800 mm x 1500 mm, food opening: 800 mm x 340 mm.

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