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Keyflow Perfect Balance 15kg

Keyflow Perfect Balance 15kg

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Perfect Balance is a scientifically formulated feed designed to promote optimal health and vitality in horses and ponies. It is made using only the highest quality ingredients, and is low in sugar and starch, while also containing Precision Equine Protein, which is a precise combination of equine specific amino acids. These amino acids are important for building and maintaining healthy tendons, ligaments, and lean muscle mass. Additionally, this feed contains omega 3 oils, which are known to be beneficial for skin, coat, and overall wellbeing. To ensure the highest level of digestibility and nutritional potential, Perfect Balance is processed using wet steam extrusion. This is a superior process to traditional pelleting or steam flaking as it increases the surface area of the grain’s starch molecules, resulting in more than 90% digestibility in a horse's small intestine. The key ingredients in Perfect Balance include vegetable protein meals, maize, whey, full fat linseed, cold pressed canola oil, vitamins, chelated minerals, and BIOMOS. Perfect Balance is ideal for horses and ponies on forage-based diets, those that need extra nutrition, box-resting, good-doers, or young, growing stock and mares in foal.

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