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Keyflow Nurture 18kg

Keyflow Nurture 18kg

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Our scientifically formulated Nurture® Pre-digested Stud Feed has been created by world-leading equine stud nutritionists to meet the highest standards. Perfect for animals who have limited access to quality pastures, the concentrated hi-fibre nuggets provide the necessary muscle and skeletal development and growth. Molasses-free yet highly palatable and low in sugar and starch, Nurture® has been pre-digested via steam extrusion to ensure maximum nutrient absorption. It also contains the long chain omega 3 fatty acid DHA, which is known to support semen motility, mare postpartum recovery and foal development and behaviours. The unique protein sources (EQ Amino Pack) are of the highest quality, with an amino acid profile that is specifically matched to that of the equine, allowing for even and optimal growth and development. The larger hi-fibre, steam extruded nuggets make Nurture® easy to chew and digest (including for foals), staying in place even if fed over hay in the field.

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