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Keyflow Pink Mash 15kg

Keyflow Pink Mash 15kg

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Pink Mash® is a super-fibre, beetroot and micronised linseed feed designed to nurture and support the hindgut microbiome. This highly palatable and versatile mash is economical and contains world renowned Protexin® probiotics and prebiotics to stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut. Pink Mash® is cereal and molasses free, extremely low in starch and sugar and can be safely fed to any horse or pony as a partial replacement for hay or haylage. It's also great for times when hydration is needed, as a small amount can be added to a bucket of water to encourage drinking. Pink Mash® is an ideal feed for any horse or pony including those at risk of laminitis, stomach ulcers, aged horses and ponies, bare foots, racehorses, performance horses, stallions, broodmares, youngstock and horses at risk of any gastric and digestive upset. Pink Mash® is easy to prepare and can be soaked in just five minutes. Get the perfect balance in your horse's diet with Pink Mash®.

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