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LeMieux Kudos Double Noseband Bridle

LeMieux Kudos Double Noseband Bridle

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Designed with comfort, style and flexibility in mind, the Kudos Running Martingale is a versatile addition to any horse riding wardrobe.

Enjoy extra control in the saddle with the LeMieux Kudos Running Martingale. Featuring an adjustable neck strap with a padded top piece at the wither, it’s designed for comfort and flexibility whether in the ring or practising in the yard.

The custom-designed martingale rings clip on and off quickly and easily without having to undo the reins. Detachable rein attachments can be removed whenever they're not needed.

LeMieux leatherwork is made from beautifully soft European leather and has been designed to aid in the distribution of pressure and maximise comfort. The silver attachments add a sleek and sophisticated look to your horse riding wardrobe.

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