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LeMieux Stride Wellington Boot

LeMieux Stride Wellington Boot

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From trekking through fields to mucking out the stables in winter, our new updated Stride Wellington Boots are built to tackle any weather with ease.


They’re handmade in improved 100% rubber that’s lightweight yet extra durable, with a custom tread shape inspired by the frog of the horse's hoof. Thanks to a moulded, cushioned insole and insulating neoprene lining for warmth, your feet will be supported throughout the day, providing you with all the comfort you need when you're walking or working in the yard.


For extra protection, these tall wellingtons are fully waterproof, stable friendly and adjustable to fit your calf. Deep yet lightweight treads feature a fibreglass shank for extra support and fatigue resistance. Increased grip from the durable outer soles means you can step out in confidence - even when trudging through deep puddles and muddy paths

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