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Leovet Power Phaser Durativ 500ml

Leovet Power Phaser Durativ 500ml

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Leovet Power Phaser is an optimised blend of effective ingredients which guarantee long-lasting stay-off effect from all insect and horse flies, even when the horse sweats. The repellent-loss effect associated with perspiration is much less pronounced.

Leovet Power Phaser Durativ comes in a high concentration gel form and gives the fullest of protection. Comes complete with a sponge for easy application.

The ultimate in fly protection! The new power in insect defense. Works against horseflies, ticks and all biting and non-biting flies. 100% keep-away power and long lasting adhesion of the active ingredients even when your horse perspires. 7 hours of effectiveness.
Insect repellent for amateur use.

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