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Naf Leather Neatsfoot Oil

Naf Leather Neatsfoot Oil

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NAF's Neatsfoot Horse Leather Oil 500ml is the traditional choice for saddlers. It is a fast-acting oil that nourishes and rehydrates dried-out, brittle leather, perfect for softening new or neglected tack. It does not rot stitching, making it an ideal choice for most leathers. It is easy to use with a brush or cloth, just shake well before use, apply sparingly to the underside of leather and leave to soak into the leather. Reapply if necessary, and take care to not over apply. Make sure to remove any excess oil left on the leather surface, and do a patch test in an unseen area before initial use. Do not use this product on unsealed aniline, untreated leather, nubuck or suede. Make sure to replace the lid after use and store in a cool, dry place.

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