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Naf Leather Saddle Soap

Naf Leather Saddle Soap

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: This traditional saddle soap is a favorite for softening and conditioning leather. It's ideal for use on saddlery, harness, and other leather goods. After applying, allow the leather to dry and buff with a dry, soft cloth for a polished finish. Key Benefits: ● Softens and conditions leather with glycerine and citronella. ● Preserves leather and leaves a luxuriously rich finish. ● Easy to use with a sponge or cloth. How To Use: ● Apply the soap to clean, dry leather with a dampened soft cloth or sponge. ● Work the soap into the leather and let it dry. ● Buff with a dry, soft cloth for a rich, polished finish. ● For best results, use Leather Quick Clean or Leather Cleanse to remove dirt and grease beforehand. Caution: Do not use on unsealed aniline, or untreated leather, nubuck or suede. We recommend doing a small patch test in an unseen area before initial use. Store in a cool, dry place.

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