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NAF Limestone Flour

NAF Limestone Flour

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NAF's Limestone Flour is a rich source of pure calcium designed to supplement the dietary requirements for bone growth. Calcium is an essential nutrient for all animals to help with bone and tissue growth, muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission. It is especially important for lactating mares, as it is responsible for milk production. Limestone Flour is a good choice for those on a 'straights' or cereal based diet, such as bran, as it helps to balance the calcium to phosphorous ratio. A lack of calcium can lead to epiphysitis and weak bones. Limestone Flour contains only ground limestone, making it an excellent source of pure calcium. However, it is not recommended for youngstock, as an excess of calcium can lead to developmental issues such as Osteochondrosis desicans (OCD). For youngsters requiring an adequate calcium balance, try NAF's Mare, Foal and Youngstock Supplement. Composition: Calcium carbonate (Limestone)


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