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Naf In The Pink Powder

Naf In The Pink Powder

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In The Pink Powder is a concentrated feed supplement designed to optimize your horse's gut function, digestion and health. It is a unique blend of live yeasts and probiotics, high quality vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, and essential oils and fats. This all-in-one formulation helps ensure your horse is in perfect condition, with enhanced vitality and performance. Ideal for both sport and leisure horses, In The Pink Powder gives your animal the nutritional support it needs for optimal health and wellbeing. Directions: Add to daily feed to nutritionally balance the diet with essential micronutrients and to provide key gut support to maintain perfect condition. Horses g per day scoops per day Concentrated use 32 4 Standard Maintenance 24 3 Ponies Concentrated use 24 3 Standard Maintenance 16 2

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