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NAF Five Star Pro Feet Hoof Moist Black 900g

NAF Five Star Pro Feet Hoof Moist Black 900g

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The changing seasons, with dry and wet spells, can put the hoof at risk of cracks, splits and other distresses due to the inability of the moisture content to stabilise. NAF Five Star Profeet Hoof Moist is designed to help you address these arid conditions, as it hydrates the hoof, helps maintain moisture content and prevents unnecessary splitting/cracks appearing. This oil and grease free moisturiser is easy to apply daily, and is recommended for dry, arid conditions. Directions: Apply to the hoof daily, or more frequently if required, with a brush or cloth. NAF recommend a small 24hr test patch prior to initial use. Store in a dry place. Replace lid after use. For external use only. For animal use only.

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