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Naf Sand Gard Pellet 1.2kg

Naf Sand Gard Pellet 1.2kg

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Sand Gard Pellets are a specially-formulated feed designed to help support healthy digestion in horses who may be ingesting sandy soil. These pellets are packed with natural herbs and live probiotic yeasts to help support peristalsis and maintain a healthy microflora population in the gut. Sand Gard Pellets can be regularly fed as a 7 day course, once a month, to ensure optimum gut health. This feed is also ideal for fussy feeders, as it can be introduced gradually. Each pellet is composed of psyllium seed, marshmallow leaves, brewers' yeast, carrot (dried), omicha berries, rosehip shells, milk thistle seeds, turmeric, dandelion leaves, rosemary, chlorella (dried), mushroom (dried), ginger, ginkgo leaves, liquorice and rapeseed oil.

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