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Naf Teatree & Mint Shampoo

Naf Teatree & Mint Shampoo

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If you're looking for a shampoo to help keep your pony clean and healthy, look no further than our Teatree & Mint Shampoo for Horses. Specially formulated with natural antibacterial teatree to gently soothe the skin and degrease, this shampoo leaves your pony smelling minty fresh after each wash. Simply add to water, rub into the coat and work up a lather and rinse well. Key Ingredients: L-carvone, Limonene. Directions: Mix one part Teatree & Mint Shampoo per litre of water, or apply directly to wet coat. Work into a lather, avoiding eyes, for a refreshing wash and rinse well. Do not apply product to broken or irritated skin.

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