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Naf Thelwell Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler 300ml

Naf Thelwell Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler 300ml

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Make managing your horse's mane and tail easier than ever with NAF's non-sticky, non-greasy conditioning spray. This product helps to detangle knots, reduce breakage and split ends, and leaves the mane and tail easily brushed through without attracting dust. Show off your Thelwell every day with a mane and tail that is as manageable as it is beautiful! Shop NAF's wide range of equestrian health products for all your horse's needs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, NAF provides high quality, traceable ingredients with proven results that customers keep returning for. As the official supplier to the British Equestrian Teams and many high profile riders worldwide, you can trust NAF to exceed your expectations.

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