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Naf Veteran Supplement

Naf Veteran Supplement

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Veteran Supplement is a specially formulated combination of MSM and probiotics, designed to meet the nutritional needs of older horses. From around the age of 15, horses start to show signs of ageing. Their bodies don't function as well as they used to, and they require more energy, as well as specific nutrients like sulphur, calcium, and phosphorous to maintain healthy bones and joints. Veteran Supplement has been designed to provide all the nutrients older horses need. It contains probiotics and yeast to replace gut bacteria, lysine as a vital amino acid for protein formation, organic sulphur in the form of MSM for bone, circulation and connective tissue support, di-calcium phosphate for efficient absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and a broad selection of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements for general health. Lastly, it includes ginkgo and ginseng for herbal support of youthful vigour. For an ecommerce website, Veteran Supplement is recommended for all older horses, whether in regular work or retired. The recommended dosage is 75g per day for working horses and 50g per day for resting/light work horses, and 25-50g per day for ponies.

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