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Nettex Whitening Shampoo 500ml

Nettex Whitening Shampoo 500ml

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This Net-Tex Whitening Shampoo is a specialised formulation that produces an amazing colour enhancement for all light coloured coat types. It removes grass and stable stains from coats, manes and tails and is specially formulated for whites, greys and coloured horses. It can be used diluted or neat for deep stains, and when used, it leaves a dazzling effect in natural or artificial light. Directions: Add 50ml of shampoo to 4.5 litres of warm or cold water and mix with hands until dissolved. Use a sponge, shower puff or soft brush to apply to the neck, body, mane and tail, being careful around the head to avoid mucous membranes. Massage the coat well and leave to penetrate for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water and applying Nettex Coat Shine to seal the hair and prevent dirt and stains from building up. 

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