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Nikwax Wool Wash 300ml

Nikwax Wool Wash 300ml

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Nikwax Wool Wash is a speciality cleaner and conditioner designed to deodorise and enhance the wicking and drying performance of woollen items. It is easy to use in your washing machine, and is perfect for cleaning and conditioning all merino and woollen sports clothing. It cleans effectively, deodorises and makes wool dry faster, reviving the performance of your gear and keeping you fresher and more comfortable. It is a great choice for all types of woollen base layers, as it outperforms conventional household detergents and fabric conditioners at improving wicking, accelerating drying, and removing and preventing odour build up. It is easy to use in the washing machine, or applied by hand, and should always be used after use to keep your woollen base layers in perfect condition.

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