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Oakwood Leather Conditioner

Oakwood Leather Conditioner

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Oakwood Leather Conditioner is an all-natural, unique combination of beeswax and lanolin, plus Australian bush ingredients that work together to soften, feed, preserve, and protect all your favourite leather goods. It is specially formulated to maintain, soften, and protect leather saddles, harnesses, bridles, riding and dress boots. Its advantages are that it won't come off on your clothes, it is non-greasy and won't permanently darken the leather, and it protects stitching. To use, simply apply directly to the leather article with a soft, clean cloth. Allow it to sit for 2-5 minutes to allow the conditioning oils to penetrate the leather. Then, polish off the excess with a soft, clean cloth. Repeat as needed to keep your leather article in its original condition.

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