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Pure Feed

Pure Feed Pure Condition Pellets 15kg

Pure Feed Pure Condition Pellets 15kg

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Pure Feed Company's Pure Condition Pellets are a great way to improve the condition of even the most finicky horses without making them excitable. Because the main energy source is oil, the pellets release energy slowly, resulting in a calmer horse. They are also formulated to help with top line and muscle development as well as encouraging positive behavior. The pellets can be served either dry or as a mash, giving you two easy options for feeding. Plus, the mash is particularly helpful if your horse has dental issues. As with other feeds in the range, the pellets are a complete feed with a natural balancer that provides the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements your horse needs for a healthy hind gut, shiny coat, and strong hooves. Suitable for horses in higher levels of work, Pure Condition Pellets can also help those with dental issues or who struggle to chew chaff-based products or fibrous material. You can save money too, as you won’t have to purchase a separate balancer or any other products. Feeding rate: 400-600g per 100kg body weight per day depending on work load and body condition.

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