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Pure Feed

Pure Feed Pure Easy 15kg

Pure Feed Pure Easy 15kg

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Pure Easy is a slow-release energy source for horses in work that is low in calories and won’t cause weight gain. It is rich in fibre which helps promote good hind gut health, and includes our premium balancer with all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs, as well as pre and pro biotics and amino acids. Feeding Pure Easy is a more economical choice than purchasing each of these components separately. This product is suitable for laminitics due to its low sugar and starch content, and can also be beneficial for fizzy horses as the oil-based energy source delivers a low ration of calm calories. It is also an excellent option for good doers who do not need additional nutrition for maintaining condition. Feeding rate: 400-600g per 100kg body weight per day depending on workload and body condition. We recommend dampening the feed with water prior to feeding. Ingredients: Oatfeed Pellets Grass Pellets Pure Balance Grass Chaff Oatstraw Chaff Rapeseed Oil Salt

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