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Pure Feed

Pure Feed Pure Veteran Mix 15kg

Pure Feed Pure Veteran Mix 15kg

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Pure Veteran Mix is a specially formulated feed for senior horses that need extra help maintaining condition or are still in regular work. It's a complete feed with a balancer optimised for senior horses, containing slow-release calories, elevated levels of vitamins and minerals, quality sources of protein, and a soft chop to aid digestion. With a low sugar and starch content, it is suitable even for horses with Cushing's or those that have had laminitis. Feeding rate is 400-600g per 100kg of body weight depending on condition and work done. Dampen well with water before feeding. Ingredients include grass chaff, grass pellets, oatstraw chaff, oatfeed pellets, pure balance, rapeseed oil, unmolassed sugar beet and salt.

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