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Pure Feed

Pure Feed Pure Veteran Pellets 15kg

Pure Feed Pure Veteran Pellets 15kg

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Pure Veteran Pellets from Pure Feed Company are perfect for older horses that need a nourishing mash. They provide the same nutrition as a mix, but in a different form, which can help entice your picky eater. Senior horses need extra vitamins and minerals because their digestive system is not as efficient as younger horses. This feed includes higher levels of vitamins and minerals to counteract this. It also contains slow-release calories to help keep your horse in condition. Quality proteins are easily digested to help maintain muscle and topline. Pure Veteran Pellets are low in starch and sugar, making them suitable for horses with Cushing’s and those that have had laminitis. The balancer is specifically designed for senior horses so everything your horse needs nutritionally is included, meaning it is both economical and easy to feed. 

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