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Renapur Renasan First Aid Spray

Renapur Renasan First Aid Spray

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. RenaSan First Aid Spray is designed to disinfect and heal cuts, wounds, insect bites and more on all animal, bird and reptile species. This clinically proven formula contains the active ingredient synthesised hypochlorous acid in a saline solution, which is produced naturally by humans and animals and is completely benign to animal tissue. It has been tested to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, virus and fungi on contact. RenaSan can also be used for disinfecting eyes, flushing foreign matter from eyes and disinfecting animal ears. Additionally, RenaSan products are approved for veterinary and human use under the EU Biocidal Products Regulations EU 528 (2012), having undergone independent safety and efficacy testing. This product is made in the UK and contains only water, salt and hypochlorous acid as ingredients. RenaSan is the world leader in manufacturing stabilised hypochlorous products, used by hospitals, care homes, veterinary surgeries, schools, nurseries, farms and supermarkets around the globe. Please note that some so-called hypochlorous products on sale in the UK are formulated from bleach and are not approved under the UK and EU Biocidal product regulations.

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