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Rockies 5 Star 5kg

Rockies 5 Star 5kg

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Rockies Five Star Horse Lick is an ideal mineralised salt block for horses and ponies. It contains a variety of herbs and trace elements that are essential for the health and wellbeing of your horse and pony. The lick is extremely palatable and contains fenugreek and added apple flavouring for an extra sweet taste. It is extremely durable, making it ideal for feeding both individual horses and small groups. The 5kg box is also very easy to carry, with no mess on your hands or in your vehicle. The trace elements and herbs in the lick help to improve the condition of the coat and hooves, improve fertility and reproductive capability, aid respiration, and promote general health and coat condition. Magnesium, which can help with nervousness in horses, is also present in the formulation. Rockies Five Star Horse Lick is the perfect choice for horse owners who are looking for an easy to use and cost effective way to provide the essential minerals and trace elements that their animals need.

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