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Saracen Horse Feeds

Saracen Condition Improver Mix 20kg

Saracen Condition Improver Mix 20kg

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  • Horses & ponies requiring weight gain condition
  • Horses & ponies needing stunning coat condition
  • Horses & ponies that have a laid-back temperament
  • Young horses at the beginning of their training


  • Coconut flavoured to entice the fussiest of feeders
  • Includes live yeast to support and maintain digestive health
  • Formulated with a blend of micronized cereals to enhance digestibility without the loss of sparkle or presence
  • Stunning coat condition as a result of high oil levels from the inclusion of EQUI-JEWEL®
  • Quality protein sources supports optimum muscle development
  • Provides a complete feed. Fully fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
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