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Shapleys Equitone Colour Enhancing Shampoo

Shapleys Equitone Colour Enhancing Shampoo

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This one-step premium shampoo and conditioner is a must-have for reviving sun-damaged or freshly clipped hair and adding highlights to dull and dry coats, manes and tails. It works to enrich the natural colour of the horse while imparting a natural colour and a brilliant shine. Not only does it restore colour, but it also gives coats, manes and tails an optical brightness, making them stain-free and giving them a mirror-like shine. This shampoo is ideal for restoring colour and vibrancy to sun-bleached coats and tails, and for adding dimension and highlights to newly clipped horses. Use it any time your horse's hair needs added colour and shimmering highlights for a lustrous, beautiful look.

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