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Shires Double Jointed Copper Lozenge Pelham

Shires Double Jointed Copper Lozenge Pelham

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This double jointed pelham bit, which features a copper lozenge to soften the nutcracker action and assist with salivation, is often used to help control. The bit is available in the following mouthpiece thicknesses and cheek heights: Mouthpiece thickness: 16mm; Cheek heights: 125mm (4.5"), 130mm (5"), 140mm (5.5"). Metric measurements for this bit are as follows: 7.5cm (3"), 9cm (3.5"), 10cm (4"), 10.5cm (4.25"), 11.5cm (4.5"), 12cm (4.75"), 12.5cm (5"), 13cm (5.25"), 14cm (5.5"), 14.5cm (5.75"), 15cm (6").

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