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Shires Fleece Lined Headcollar

Shires Fleece Lined Headcollar

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This Fleeced Lined Headcollar is designed to provide the perfect fit, with a soft and plush fleece padding that distributes pressure evenly and helps to reduce chafing. It features adjustable fastenings on both sides of the headpiece, as well as a fully adjustable noseband, making it a great choice for the more sensitive horse. Added details such as a clip-on throat lash for easy removal and chrome buckles with a horse silhouette fixture complete this beautiful headcollar. Key Features: Plush fleece padding for even pressure distribution and chafing minimisation Adjustable fastenings on both sides of the headpiece Fully adjustable noseband Clip-on throat lash for easy removal Chrome buckles with horse detailing for an extra touch of elegance.

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