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Shires Rapida Ergonomic Flash Bridle

Shires Rapida Ergonomic Flash Bridle

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The Shires Velociti RAPIDA Ergonomic Flash Bridle is a must-have for any equestrian! This bridle is made from a soft and supple leather and was designed to fit comfortably around your horse’s head, avoiding all sensitive facial nerves. The unique flash position still offers the same benefits as a classic flash, but the innovative design allows for unrestricted breathing as your horse works. The bridle also features a wide, cushioned crown and poll gap, as well as anti-shock padding on the headpiece, browband, and noseband. Furthermore, the bridle is completed with a sleek, angled throat lash and high shine stainless steel buckles. And to top it all off, it comes with the signature Velocitit RAPIDA reins. Buy this bridle today and take your horse’s comfort to the next level!

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