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Shires Sweet Iron Loose Ring With Mullen

Shires Sweet Iron Loose Ring With Mullen

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This loose ring cheek bit offers much more movement than a fixed cheek, to follow the angle of the tongue and discourage fixing and leaning. The shaped lozenge provides even pressure and encourages mouthing and contact. The mouthpiece thickness is 15mm, and the cheek height is 65mm. The bit is available in the following sizes (in inches and centimetres): 3" (7.5cm), 3.5" (9cm), 4" (10cm), 4.25" (10.5cm), 4.5" (11.5cm), 4.75" (12cm), 5" (12.5cm), 5.25" (13cm), 5.5" (14cm), 5.75" (14.5cm) and 6" (15cm).

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