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Shires Velociti Gara Leather Nameplate Headcollar

Shires Velociti Gara Leather Nameplate Headcollar

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The Shires Velociti GARA Leather Nameplate Headcollar is perfect for adding that special, personal touch to your horse's wardrobe. It offers a comfortable fit with generous padding over the nose, cheeks and headpiece and an adjustable crank noseband. The headcollar is crafted from a soft, supple leather and features a blank brass nameplate on the cheekpiece. This headcollar can be used for everyday purposes or for competitions, making it a great choice for all riders. Key Features: Soft, supple leather padding on nose, cheeks and headpiece Adjustable crank noseband Adjustable on both sides of the headpiece Rolled throat lash with clip Blank brass nameplate for personalisation

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