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Silvermoor Rope Kit

Silvermoor Rope Kit

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To get your Swinger swinging you’ll need this handy rope. It is 146cm in length and should be hung away from any surfaces. Full instructions are provided on the packet.

Silvermoor Swingers are the only hanging forage block made from 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. This innovative product attaches to a rope (which can be purchased separately) and is hung from a stable ceiling, eliminating the risk of your horse grabbing and quickly eating it. The unique swinging design of the Swinger encourages your horse to take longer to eat it, promoting saliva production which helps to buffer stomach acids and prevent gastric ulcers. Silvermoor Swingers are low in sugar and starch, making them a safe and healthy addition to your horse's diet that can help to manage weight. This product is suitable for laminitics and good doers, as well as insulinresistant horses and those suffering from EMS. 

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