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Silvermoor Swingers Captivating Carrots 1kg

Silvermoor Swingers Captivating Carrots 1kg

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Silvermoor Swinger is an innovative hanging forage block designed to encourage slow and steady eating. This product is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no added sugar. The unique design attaches to a rope (sold separately) and is hung from a height in your stable. Its shape prevents your horse from grabbing and gulping it down, so it takes longer to eat than traditional forage blocks. Eating slowly helps to produce more saliva, which buffers stomach acid and helps protect against gastric ulcers. Silvermoor Swinger is low in sugar and low in starch, making it a healthy addition to your horse's diet. It's also safe to use for laminitics, good doers, insulin-resistant horses, and those with EMS. Rope Kit: To get your Swinger swinging, you’ll need this 146-cm rope. Instructions are provided on the packet.

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