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Stubbs Munch Station

Stubbs Munch Station

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Natural ground level feeding rather than at shoulder or head height, this prevents the horse’s hay and bedding becoming mixed. Remember being covered every time you used to fill an elevated hayrack? During feeding the horse only gets a small amount of hay at a time, avoiding the major waste associated with top feeders. Other benefits include reduced risk of dust and seeds in horse’s eyes and helps ensure correct dental wear by ground level feeding. Bars are closely spaced (55mm gaps and reinforced at mid height) creating an effective slow feeder and reducing the risk of gastric ulcers which are much more common in horses than generally realised. As a slow feeder, the Munch Station also reduces boredom. Mount at floor level or 50mm above. Hot dip galvanised heavy steel construction with the 40 year proven heritage of the S2P* STUBBYTHENE Corner Manger. Sloping white plastic hay deflector (low friction material) is included. Inaccessible to the horse, this ensures the last hay slides to the front. Easily removable manger provides access for adding hay but keeps the horse out. (*S2P not included; please order separately).

Height 110 cm
Width 72 cm
Weight 12 kg
Depth 40cm

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