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Supreme Pet Foods

Supreme Products DeFUSE

Supreme Products DeFUSE

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DeFUSE is a vitamin, amino acid, and magnesium based supplement designed to help calm nervous animals. No build up is necessary; once the amount for your particular horse or pony is determined, you can feed DeFUSE whenever you feel it is needed. To get the most out of DeFUSE, it is important to establish the recommended amount and how long it takes to work. The amount indicated on the bottle is an average, based on results from testers and triallers. For a larger horse or a very anxious animal, a higher or double amount may be necessary. The effects of DeFUSE can be seen in as little as 21/2 hours, and can last up to 12 hours. No top-up is typically needed, but it can be given if needed. It should be kept at room temperature and away from extremes of heat or cold. DeFUSE can be administered in the feed, but for maximum accuracy, we suggest using a graduated syringe or an Easy Wormer to feed it straight into the mouth.

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