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Thomas Pettifer

Thomas Pettifer Invigor8

Thomas Pettifer Invigor8

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Revive your horse with Invigor 8! Featuring a combination of natural ingredients such as pine oil, arnica and witch hazel, this formula is designed to cool and soothe tired muscles, tendons and skin. Its unique formula helps to retain natural skin oils, leaving your horse's coat glossy and waterproof. To use, simply mix a couple capfuls of Invigor 8 in 5 litres of water to clean, or apply undiluted as a massage ointment. INGREDIENTS Isopropyl alcohol Menthol Pine oil Arnica tincture Witch hazel DIRECTIONS FOR USE Pour a couple of capfuls of Invigor 8 in 5 litres of water and use to rid horse of sweat and dirt. If using as a massage ointment, pour undiluted onto a cloth and apply to skin. Ensure undiluted solution is washed off after use.

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